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Category Archives: Webkit

[WebkitGtk+]Making webkitgtk build work behind a proxy.


I have been trying to build WebkitGtk in my company PC and was stuck with dependencies update and the subsequent build. I had to work behind a proxy which complicated things a bit. The general build is supposed to work on PC’s with open network. But once you get behind a proxy with just the […]

Link dump : CSS 3d transforms explained.


Following are some detailed links regarding the CSS 3d transforms. The math and the syntax is all explained. So grab a coffee, notepad and pen and start reading.

Building Webkit on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2008 Express.


I have been successful with building and running the win port of webkit. The whole process took 2 days but it was worth the effort. Below are some tips and links that I helped me in getting through. My config: Windows 7 + Windows 7 SDK + VS 2008 Express Edition. Some tips : Don’t fetch the webkit […]

Steps to debug Webkit using Eclipse.


Here are the steps to debug Webkit in Linux using Eclipse. This has been reproduced here verbatim from here.I am currently verifying these steps. Debug Native C++ Code: To get meaningful debug info, you do need to build WebCore with -O0. It is simple. Add the following to your and rebuild webcore and xml2. […]

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