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Category Archives: Coding

The “quick-sort” adventure & some great links to learn it.


Recently I had to figure out the workings of quick sort,one the fastest and easiest sorts to implement. There is a heap load of tutorials about quick sort apart from the videos demonstrations and animations showing the inner workings of quick sort. Before I link to the resources which I found helpful in learning quick […]

Font for programmers.


Programming fonts trigger as passionate debate as sometimes politics or religion do. Every programmer has his/her favorite font,but mostly the monotype small fonts rule programmers heart. The clarity of such fonts is very important. Here is some information about some programmer fonts that I have collected over the past few weeks. Dina rules!! My favorite, […]

Project reviews : An essential exercise to maintain momentum and direction in hobby projects.


For a past month I have been coding a Symbian native application as a hobby project. What was initially a month’s exercise(according to my earlier estimates), is not even 50% over after nearly a month. There is progress , daily checkins and visual progress in terms of the UI development. But the project still seems […]

Some OpenGL ES links.


Linear Algebra Video Lectures from MIT Open Courseware. A First Course in Linear Algebra – Online book. OpenGL – Just links for making OpenGL ES work on various platforms OpenGL ES for Symbian links

C++0x is ready to rule.


In March 2011, a star was born and no one noticed. Atleast, the interpreted types did not. 🙂 The C++0x standard is approved and soon we will see compilers shouting from the top of their roofs that they support C++0x. I am still reading about it, so here is the link dump of the most […]

CPP Common Knowledge notes!!


Item #11 : Compiler puts stuff in classes. Compiler puts a virtual function table ptr in each class object with virtual functions. Virtual function table pointer not same across platforms!! Compiler may not put all these extra constructs in a struct. Virtual inheritance is required when the diamond inheritance is causing issues. For example: Item […]

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