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Note to self – Get a wifi router supported by DD-WRT.

After my wifi-router just stopped working one day, I had to get a new one. The one I got was Netgear WNR612v2 wifi router which was just enough for my basic needs. As I had assumed that any wifi-router will work fine, this one gave me real trouble. Connection drops every 5 mins just made me try all tricks in the book to make it just keep a connection for more than 10 mins. I did a firmware upgrade but did pay much attention to the fact that it has a really old firmware. After this one, to get rid of the connection drop pain I got a Belkin N150 F7D1301 wifi router.

Another cheap one in the market but costlier than the earlier Netgear one I had. But this one also totally disappointed me. It would also drop connections, not as frequently as the Netgear one, but just one every 45 mins. The drop frequency would be totally dependent on the number of connected devices. Add in 2-3 mobiles, 3 laptops and a tablet and a connection drop would happen every 15 mins. For this router as well the firmware upgrades had stopped in 2010 itself. The net is full of articles which complain about the connection drops of this Belkin N150 wifi router.
So now with two big flop shows of routers, I need to make this important self note that in the future invest only in routers which are DD-WRT supported. DD-WRT is the site run by BrainSlayer. It provides third party firmwares for routers running on Broadcom or Atheros chips. The firmwares are GPL’ed and uptodate with latest fixes. So hopefully in the future I will not be stuck in hardware with some old buggy software which keeps the devices from functioning.

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