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Building Webkit on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2008 Express.

I have been successful with building and running the win port of webkit. The whole process took 2 days but it was worth the effort. Below are some tips and links that I helped me in getting through.
My config: Windows 7 + Windows 7 SDK + VS 2008 Express Edition.

Some tips :

  • Don’t fetch the webkit trunk : Webkit trunk has not only the source code but the layout tests as well. Layout tests are important if you are planning to make some changes to the code. But if you just want to explore the code, then they are not needed. The layout tests is a large number of files. It takes forever to download them. Just take the Source, Tools & Webkitlibraries folder and you can start building.
  • Debugging is going to take two builds :  Once the code has been built completely in VS 2008, make sure to run the build-webkit script just once to enable the debugging. For some reason the debug symbols do not load unless the build-webkit script is not executed.


Some links :

These links should ideally get you through with building and debugging the widows port of webkit on VS 2008 Express.



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