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Monthly Archives: June 2011 Ovi feeds app published.


Now stay in touch with latest blog posts from all three blogs in a single app. The feeds app generated using the Ovi AppWizard has been approved. Just click on the image below to download the feeds app from Ovi Store.

Nokia N9 : Meego slab with HW Design awesomeness & sleek UI.


Nokia N9 has been announced. The 3.9″ AMOLED Gorilla glass is packed in an awesome design. Nokia’s design capabilities are peaking at the right time. This is the first Meego device and sports the swipe based UI. The package is tempting and if Nokia gets the pricing right, this device can surely kick some butt. […]

Windows XP slowdown due to Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery.


Problem There is a very peculiar problem of Windows XP getting slowed down nearly to a halt, particularly on laptops. The OS becomes unresponsive during boot and the only way to get back to normal speed is to remove the laptop battery. But the whole solution of removing the laptop battery is a big fail. […]

C++0x is ready to rule.


In March 2011, a star was born and no one noticed. Atleast, the interpreted types did not. 🙂 The C++0x standard is approved and soon we will see compilers shouting from the top of their roofs that they support C++0x. I am still reading about it, so here is the link dump of the most […] : The best online timer.


I use regularly as my egg timer. This site follows google style of minimal interface with just enough options to get you going. The most innovative feature is having special timers. Timers like the Pomodoro timer(set by is a very thoughtful addition. I hope they add more such special timers. The use of […]

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