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VS2005 we need "Prompt before rebuild".

Webkit is not a small project by any means. And it takes a cool 30-45 mins for a complete rebuild on a 2GHz, 1GB RAM PC to complete.

Now just imagine this, you have a critical feature to deliver and you have just enthusiastically coded it and want to see it running. Now you have to build it first, and being a faithful mouse user, you right click on the project and just in the heat of the moment instead of selecting the “Build” option, your hand slips a few pixels lower and clicks on the “Rebuild” option. 🙁 And so there go a full 30 mins of your valuable time.

This used to happen to me like once in a week and especially during the critical deadlines.Well I have not found any option in VS2005, where we can set to “Prompt before rebuild”.

But I have learnt to use the keyboard option to build and that has saved me some trouble. 😉